• Welcome to Beauty Lab Cosmetics!

    Beauty, and all things pretty.

  • About us

    Born in Seoul, Made for Southeast Asia.

    Our Vision

    Becoming the #1 beauty powerhouse for Southeast Asian women.

    By leveraging the access to world-class beauty labs in Korea and power of the Internet, we want to make beauty become more accessible and affordable to young girls in Southeast Asia.

    Our Mission

    Democratize and make beauty products become more accessible.

    We want to democratize beauty by bringing high-quality, affordable products to consumers using the power of the Internet and social media.

  • Our Portfolio

    We have partnered with one of the world’s biggest manufacturers in South Korea with

    factories in Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and the US.

    The result? Cool and trendy formulas, textures, and colors using the latest cosmetic technology,

    tailored to suit Asian preference, skin and lifestyle.